Sleepy and Cecil

Sleepy is a hybrid PHP/Go web framework and Cecil is a flexible CMS built around Sleepy. Together, they attempt to make building dynamic websites less tedious and time-consuming.

A more in-depth introduction to Sleepy and Cecil can be found in the original blog post here. An overview of Sleepy’s architecture and design considerations will follow, along with a small tutorial on making a simple website.

The Sleepy server is licensed under the MIT license, while the client part is licensed under the AGPL3. An application template is also provided, with a H5BP, Bootstrap 3 and Require.js setup, and is licensed under the CC0 (or the Public Domain, or any other permissive license of your preference).

Sleepy (Server) on Github Sleepy (Client) on Github Sleepy (App Template) on Github
Cecil on Github