Jlime Muffinman

Jlime Muffinman is an (unmaintained) Linux distribution for the Ben Nanonote, a pocket computer made entirely from open-source hardware and developed by Qi Hardware. The goal is to provide a user-friendly and simple environment that fits the constraints imposed by the hardware.

The distribution itself is built from stratch using the OpenEmbedded build system. The kernel is based on version 2.6.36 with Nanonote-specific patches, sourced from the Qi kernel distribution. The userspace is largely mix-and-match with various disparate components used for the environment.

The system is usable as released but unmaintained, due to an essential lack of suitable applications and general forward momentum.

I still use my Nanonote as a dedicated Nethack machine, though. 😉


Jlime Muffinman Home Jlime Muffinman Media Jlime Muffinman Calculator Jlime Muffinman Music Player Jlime Muffinman Shutdown


You can download and install Muffinman to your Nanonote’s MicroSD card from here:

Format MicroSD as ‘ext2’ and extract the above file to the root directory of the MicroSD card. Press ’M’ when booting the Nanonote will make it boot from the MicroSD card.

You can also flash Muffinman to the Nanonote’s NAND flash, using these files:

An installation guide for flashing Muffinman to your Nanonote exists here.

You can find some extra information about Muffinman in the original release announcement.