Code & Other Projects

Herein lie write-ups on past, present, and future projects, mostly code or infrastructure-related. For actual code written (mainly) by me, see the public repositories hosted here, or, alternatively, check my GitHub profile.


Grawkit is a small utility built in Awk that can create static SVG graphs of Git repository histories, based on git command-lines. It might be useful when you need a quick-and-easy Git history graph for use in presentations and the like.

You can find an interactive playground here or look at the code itself.

Jlime Muffinman

Jlime Muffinman is an (unmaintained) Linux distribution for the Ben Nanonote, a pocket computer made entirely from open-source hardware and developed by Qi Hardware.

Jlime Vargtass

Vargtass is a version of Linux for the Jornada 6xx released under the Jlime project. It’s a successor of the IceWM userland and an alternative for the (outdated) Donkey userland.

Vargtass is based on IceWM and features applications chosen especially for the Jornada’s capabillities and screen size.